Growing up in Sweden, a lovely crunchy crispbread was always the go to snack. For health reasons, our family had to be on a gluten free diet and finding a really good nutritious gluten free cracker wasn’t easy. I started experimenting with different recipes and adding my own twist to them to get the crunchiest and most flavorful result possible. Friends, family neighbours loved them. 


In 2014, as a little seed, Cabin 11 Bakery started to sprout in the mountains of Santa Barbara where we live today. Initially I baked all the crackers in my home under a cottage food licence, now the business has grown and the cracker production has moved to a dedicated gluten free facility in Colorado. 


As the demand for not only gluten free, but also grain free crackers grew, I developed a version of the crackers made of cassava flour. 5 Seed Crackers are today gluten free and grain free, made with 100% organic ingredients and contain 50% seeds. This is the version out in the stores today. 


5 Seed crackers are developed for myself and it so happened to be the perfect cracker to suit different kinds of health conscious foodies, without limiting flavor and nutrition. It is the perfect snack for all your friends, with different food preferences; vegan, paleo, gluten free.



Cabin 11 Bakery